Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Journey's End ... for now

Knowing when to stop often takes more courage than toughing it out and continuing when all signs are telling you to stop.

Bill is courageous.

Together, he and his crew decided to stop after a brief trek out of Stovepipe Wells. Bill was having serious stomach issues, and without being able to eat solid food, his continuing was not only an unwise, but also an unsafe decision. One of the toughest parts of being a crew member is having to make difficult decisions. But runner safety is always top priority, and his crew served him well to advise him to stop.

We cannot presume to know or understand how Bill is feeling, but If you have ever come up short on reaching a goal, then you know a little of what Bill is experiencing. It's not the event, but your reaction to the event, that determines the quality of your life. There are no words to console…time is the only consolation.

Death Valley isn't going anywhere…if Bill decides that he is ready to go back…sometime in the future, we will all be there with him again. It's what we do. The human spirit is strong and courageous. I have a feeling that we all will be back.


  1. Bill--

    no matter what, it's always good to live to run another day. as a veteran of many, many massive stomach issues, i'm so sorry... but i'm so proud of you and your crew for the journey you took! here's to another when the time is right... at the place you choose... and 3 cheers to your crew as well!
    kristin z

  2. Bill--
    DNF= did nothing fatal. always hard to remember, but good to remember. Stomach issues are usually the one thing that does me in. I know how you feel in that respect. I have loved all your posts, your trainings, and everything about your journey. I know you will have more journeys to share and inspire us with in the future. For now, rest up, and feel better soon.

  3. Bill, sorry about your stomach issues. That's the worst. No calories, no energy. Not something you can "tough out." BUT...you were successful in your effort. There's no failure in trying, right? I hope you believe it. I do. Your family and friends know you gave your best. And your best is good enough. Death Valley will be there if you decide to give it another go. Rest up. Get well. Be well. Peace, Lisa

  4. Bill I'm sorry to hear about the early finish but sometimes it's just out of our hands. Sounds you did a great job with the cards you were dealt this time out but there will be other crossings in your future I'm sure of it!
    Take care, your friend, Danny Westergaard

  5. You know, 50 miles without a break at 110 degrees is some accomplishment all by itself. If it were me I would give myself a medal and get ready for the next time. But I know also that is just what you will do. To the next 8/8 in DV.