Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Relief

It is with some relief I can report that the round of steroids helped. They did not do as well as in the past, so I have to take care to be easy on my back until things settle down.

I had good training efforts over the weekend. Broke up longer workouts into two each day, and stuck to the treadmill most of the time -- both to protect my back. That worked out well. Watched some classic westerns while treading away, so had some fun. If course, the movies were in part filmed in the Alabama Hills!

I will continue to work hard, go long, but go easily. This week the weather is warming again, so I am looking forward to some long and warm efforts outside.

As an aside, I have been asked to post more of my workouts, especially in terms of Death Valley preparation. I will do that. It might even be entertaining to read about. Right now, I am not doing anything particularly special or unusual. Building miles into longer and longer efforts while working in long climbs and descents mostly on roads.

What I do differently from most, is I stay focused on just two things - Death Valley and taking care of my back. They are almost mutually exclusive, but not totally. It is a fine line I walk.


"Badwater" Bill
Tujunga, CA