Monday, August 8, 2011

In and out of Furnace Creek

This just in: Bill made it into Furnace Creek (~17.4 miles) in good shape and good spirits. The temp is only 112 degrees, so he hasn't reached the hottest part of the day yet. The goal is to make it to Stovepipe Wells (~41.9 miles) sometime tonight.

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  1. Go Badwater, go! This is your best and only friend from Utah, Dr. Ryan, signing in with your beached whale of a cousin, Mr. Jamie Grant. Go Badwater, go! I hope you made your 41.9 miles today and that you are resting comfortably in Stovepipe Wells. Go Badwater, go! I believe there is a Taco Bell there where you can get a healthy dinner to regain your strength. And maybe you can find a Jimmy Buffett key lime pie for dessert. Go Badwater, go! Sorry I haven't had a chance to make a donation yet. I will in the coming days after I get back home from LA where I am at this moment. Get a good night's sleep and stop knocking back those Margarita's by 10pm. Sleep well my good friend. Until the next post, best to Deb and good luck to you! Kevin & Jamie