Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Practicing the Whitney Portal Road

It was a beautiful day (June 25) to be climbing from the desert floor in Lone Pine to 8500 feet in the High Sierras. The Portal Road is the last about 12 miles of the Badwater Ultramarathon course, and arguably the hardest part. It was about 93 - 95 degrees F the whole way. I felt pretty good and am very happy with this effort at this point in my training. Here are a few photos just for fun. My able crew chief, "Death Valley" Deborah was behind the lens.

First is a view from above with my GPS track overlaid from Google Earth. The terrain change is amazing. It is also fun going through the Alabama Hills, a very often used movie location.

The Mt. Whitney Portal Road

Elevation Gain
Coming through the Alabama Hills

Owens Lake in the distance

Pushing and Climbing

A view worth the effort

The switchbacks are always in view
Comin' 'round the bend

I think I will sit for a moment

Done for the day.

"Badwater" Bill
Tujunga, CA

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